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Writing a grant raises fear in some, writer’s block in others, and exhaustion in still more.  Yet if you are tired, bored, or anxious while writing, it will come through in your product.  Usually that’s not a good thing. Telling your story in a manner that appeals to funders is our specialty.  Whatever your need, we can help.  We are able to assist organizations of all sizes in a full range of funding needs. We identify grant sources, complete program research, write and edit grants based on the needs of your organization. 

Grant writing services are available in a variety of formats.  If your organization needs consistent support, a three, six, or twelve month plan can be developed.  This can be an affordable and profitable option.  If your organization needs  one time help on a single grant, we can also work with you.


Throughout our career, we have successfully written grants to a host of private and public funders.  These have included SAMHSA, the State of California, the State of Oregon, Oregon Health Department, Washington County Commission on Children and Families, the Housing Authority of Portland, Portland Children’s Investment Fund, Multnomah County, and others.  We have also contributed on successful grants to the Meyer Memorial Trust, Northwest Health Foundation, and other private foundations.  Our success rate has been 100% on grant retention, and over 75% for new grant  sources.

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