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Resilient LLC is an innovative, resilience oriented, consulting firm.  We believe that people, organizations, and communities have a basic resilience that can be enhanced through targeted strategies.  Resilience is shaped by our skills, experiences, relationships and beliefs or values. 

The resilience approach influences how we provide training, leadership development, and other consulting services.  We seek to enhance skills, strengthen relationships, clarify experiences, and define values with our clients.  In this manner the client system is strengthened, success in grant writing is increased, and customer satisfaction is enhanced.

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Resilience in action: A father passes on skills and passion to his son in Huntington Beach.  Photo: J. Dodge



A significant value of Resilient LLC is Service.  We are committed to the healthy development of kids, families and communities.  Yet not all people and communities have the same opportunities and choices.  We are particularly concerned about helping people in low income countries meet their basic needs, have access to education, and improve their economic choices.

To that end, five percent of all Resilient LLC revenue is dedicated to supporting international work being conducted by reputable organizations such as Mercy Corps and World Vision.  When possible, we will participate in international service work as well.